Boom’s House of Slaughter #1 Comic Review

House of Slaughter #1 tells Aaron Slaughter’s story of love, emotions, and relationships within the Something is Killing Children the Universe.

Co-Writers: James Tynion IV & Tate Brombal
Artist: Werther Dell‘Edera
Colorist: Miquel Muerto
Letterer: AndWorld Design

What if you could find love and yourself while growing past the strict rules in your clan? House of Slaughter seeks to explore these themes within the Something Is Killing the Universe World. Aaron Slaughter has lived a life of submission to the order of Black Masks within HoS as an obedient hunter in training. He is being mentored and parented by a master Black Mask hunter, Cecilia Slaughter. Rival White Masks see him as an object to overcome. Meanwhile a mysterious new character transfers to the HoS. Gay love, inter-organizational conflict, rivalry, and HoS mysticism fill this comic. If these things interest you, you may like this series.

Aaron’s no cold killer.

To catch up the unaware reader, House of Slaughter is the latest storyline within the SIKTC Universe. It appears to take place before the Archer’s Peak supernatural thriller arch (SIKTC #1–15), but after Erica Slaughter’s origin story (SIKTC #16–20). In the original series Erica Slaughter is given the herculean task of hunting down an epic amount of monsters. Within the original series we are introduced to Aaron Slaughter (SIKTC #6 — #7) who becomes the focus of the House of Slaughter series. In the prior series Erica is introduced as an primal, intuitive, ultimate warrior. Aaron is contrasted as an intellectual, master of traps, and “emotional”. This new series House of Slaughter focuses on Aaron Slaughter and love.

Oh, snap!

The story opens with a simulated hunt between a single Black Mask — Aaron Slaughter versus three White Masks. Aaron seemingly wins by trapping the three White Masks, but they are freed when the rope breaks. The White Masks win by Aaron’s mistakes. Meanwhile Jessica (the Black Mask leader) has a contentious argument against Cecillia (head of the White Masks).

In some senses this comic tells a very different story than the original series. The original series is a supernatural thriller and then Erica’s origin story. House of Slaughter focuses on the awakening of Aaron Slaughter and love. Readers who love SIKTC’s mysticism, romance and coming of age stories will sure to love this comic.

Self doubt much?




I am a writer of sorts who loves Comic Books, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror!

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Matt Miyahira

Matt Miyahira

I am a writer of sorts who loves Comic Books, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror!

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